The COVID 19 protocol at Amanzi Guest House includes but is not limited to:

  1. Screening of guests on arrival:  (for your safety and each of us at Amanzi – we hope you understand that by implementing strict controls, everyone will feel safer and more comfortable)
  • Complete and sign a questionnaire
  • Allow temperature to be scanned with a thermal scanner
  1. If a guest’s temperature is normal, and is without symptoms, hands will be required to be sanitized before check-in. If a guest has a temperature or shows symptoms of the virus, he/she will immediately be referred to a medical facility.
  2. Our staff live on the premises and are isolated here. We will monitor them and ourselves (Rob and Pam) daily for symptoms.  The measures are as much to protect our guests as ourselves.
  3. We are using alcohol based sanitisers in all areas. Each apartment and cottage will be equipped with hand sanitizers’ and cleaning sprays.  Our staff will use a different set of gloves to clean each room.  The Staff will also wear a mask. Personal hygiene is stressed including the importance of frequent washing of hands.
  4. Breakfast will not be served in the dining area until further notice. However, if a guest requires breakfast, I will make it in our kitchen, and it will be brought to your room.
  5. And of course, social distancing will be practiced. There is a large garden at Amanzi, so our guests would still be able to sit on the deck and enjoy the tranquility which we are renowned for.

We care for our Guests