At Amanzi we pride ourselves on our breakfasts! We use organic where possible, and choose the healthiest options without sacrificing taste. Here are 5 tips that we use to create our tasty home made breakfasts.

Most popular choices:
1. Fried eggs and bacon (Our eggs are always free range)
TIP: Cook the eggs in butter not oil, pour a small amount of water into the pan around the edge and put a tight fitting lid on. And you’ll get beautiful looking eggs.

2. Scrambled eggs:
TIP: We use lots of butter in our scrambled eggs, to make them deliciously creamy – and if there are no diet restrictions, a dash of cream! Deli cooks the scrambled eggs very slowly too, stirring with a wooden spoon as the eggs begin to firm up.

3. Omelettes at Amanzi
TIP: Beat the eggs thoroughly to aerate – heat the pan using butter till pretty hot, pour beaten eggs into the pan (the eggs should sizzle) , then put a lid on the pan. We cook our omelettes quickly. Put the filling in as the omelette begins to rise and fluff up. Then fold over allowing the filling to spill out.

4. Amanzi frittatas (my favourite)
TIP: Cook mushrooms, onion, tomato, veggies, first, then add the beaten egg – put a lid on to allow the egg to cook through and cook slower than the omelette. Rob and I always add chilli (from Jacksons) to spice things up!

5. Mushrooms
TIP: Use butter, grind Oryx Desert salt into the butter, and cook the mushrooms over a high heat quickly to keep the juice in. Use a pan large enough so that each mushroom gets its own space in the pan – no sharing space for our mushrooms.

And our home-made bread is always a hit! Rob prepares the bread in the evening and sets it to finish cooking just before breakfast so that the aromas of fresh bread waft through the breakfast room! We use Eureka stone ground flour. Stone milling creates flour that is more nutritious because in the grinding process the flour stays cool, retaining the vitamins. The bread machine was Robs birthday present from me 🙂

Let me know if you try any of our tips or you could share a tip for us to use at Amanzi!

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