Amanzi Pavement Vegetable Garden

An Article by Rosebank Gazette

Pam Oldacre in her pavement vegetable garden which is located on Rutland Avenue in Craighall Park.
If you have ever driven along Rutland Avenue in Craighall Park, you would have probably noticed two scarecrows, Harry and Sally, which point to fresh vegetables grown on the pavement of Amanzi Guesthouse.

The scarecrows, however, bear signs saying ‘take what you can pick but leave some for your brother and sisters.’Amanzi Guesthouse owner, Pam Oldacre said, “I started this concept about three years ago when my pavement was dug up for the installation of fibre optic cables. So I said why not make lemonade out of lemons and I started the garden. I started small with some spinach, tomatoes and morogo (wild spinach),” said Pam.

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