Our homes are a place to restore our balance, a haven from the frantic world in which we live. Our homes reflect our hopes and dreams, how we celebrate life through colour, texture, balance and form. Creating the right tone, feeling and mood of a room begins with the shell. This Tuesday’s Decorating tip is to use a neutral shell. In all the apartments the walls have been painted a pale grey (be careful to use grey with a warm undertone) and are a perfect background on which any art will stand out. The floors are a neutral light wooden laminate. They feel modern, natural and hygienic – and its 8 years ago at least that these floors were laid.
In apartment 4, the dark tin buck heads, dark round tin candleholder, and the dark frame all link. The eye unconsciously follows the shiny silver of the side table to the silver in the picture.

In apartment 1, the focal point is the textured stone wall, and is allowed to be a feature because of the neutral walls and floor. So the texture of the stone really stands out.

In the conservatory of the Belhambra Cottage, the textured wall also really stands out because of the neutral palette.

A neutral palette allows you to make inexpensive changes that create a whole new vibe. Put your money into neutral expensive items, like a couch, and ring the changes with items like cushions.

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