I asked Andrew from Sephiri tours his opinion about Johannesburg Zoo. Andrew is a well known game ranger, who has decided to share his extensive knowledge of the bush through his tours.
My view:
I know I feel bad when I see how small the zoo enclosures are for wild animals… My view is that zoos are mostly bad news. So, I would love your comments….

Photo courtesy of Sephiri Tours

Andrew’s view:
Like anybody who loves wildlife and nature I prefer to see animals in their natural environment.

Photo courtesy of Sephiri Tours

However, I do believe modern zoos play an important role in education and protecting endangered species. Zoos may have started out as displays of exotic animals for our entertainment but this is no longer the case for most reputable establishments. Many zoos all over the world now focus on conservation efforts, sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.

Our local Johannesburg Zoo is a member of WAZA and has a number of conservation projects that they oversee. Their flagship project is the Wattled Crane Recovery Programme (WCRP). (Did you know this bird is one of 5 critically endangered bird species?) This fabulous Programme breeds Wattled Cranes in captivity and releases their offspring into wild flocks. How cool is that?
Other fascinating projects to check out when you visit the Johannesburg Zoo are the Amphibian Conservation Project, and the Chimpanzee Medical Assistance and Rescue with the Jane Goodall Institute.

For more information see Johannesburg Zoo’s Conservation Projects

For more tour information visit Sephiri Tours
Andrew and his wife run a variety of trips ranging from over land safaris through the wilds of Botswana, overnighting in the Kruger National Park as well as day trips to Pilanesberg National Park. They are passionate about wildlife and love sharing their knowledge and bush stories. Andrew took Amanzi guests to Pilanesberg recently. They raved about Andrew’s tours. Rob and I are taking a tour with Andrew to Pilanesberg soon…. Watch this space for my photos!

Here are a couple more fabulous photos from Andrew’s recent trip to Pilanesberg.

Photo courtesy of Sephiri Tours

Photo courtesy of Sephiri Tours

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