A beautiful walk in the Fields of Cosmos at Delta Park last Sunday morning.  Lots of people walking, running, out with their dogs. It was a respite in the chaos of Fear we are living in. It was our last walk in the Cosmos before South Africans locked down into their homes.  21 days – so please stay safe.  

Walking in the fields of Cosmos, was joyous, and a joy to watch the dogs – love the smile on Shadow’s face

Getting close to the flowers to take pics 

Only a few of the deep pink color…

A few moments to stand and stare

I think the Cosmos is the best this year – sadly, our time of enjoying it is over as we isolate in our homes.

Others also taking pics, enthralled by the sea of flowers

I love this pic of Max.  Sheer joy in action.

Shadow too enjoying the flowers!

Max tongue lolling out from all the running around

Autumn colors, space, lush green grass, blue blue sky, a perfect Autumn day … so lucky to be within walking distance of this park and look forward to enjoying it after the 21 days lockdown.

We couldn’t stop them, they were in before we could even shout!

HOW can such pretty dogs love disgusting water?

They didn’t know what waited for them when we got home… the dreaded bath!