We love our pool at Amanzi, as have so many guests over the last 15 years.

But in the last year it’s really been looking tired. The time to upgrade has happened.

In for a penny, in for a pound, as the saying goes.

Guests enjoying the pool in December

So we chopped out the old paving, and gritted our teeth through the mess of repaving…and building a water feature…

Redoing the paving, and building a water feature

Work in process

Then we chopped the old paint and mosaics out, put in bright blue mosaics, and replaced the old cool gray paint with crisp white marbelite.

Pool revamped, table repainted

To complete the look we repainted our wooden table giving it a whole new lift.  Pool fencing put in to make it safe for parents with littlies.  And voila! A whole new pool.

Pool Overview

We’ve put in solar panels to extend the swimming season..

Come and enjoy our new pool, perhaps for a weekend, a night or a longer stay!  We’re offering a 3 night weekend special for August and September.

And finally,  meet our new puppy Max.  No dog will every replace my old chap Alfie.  What a lot of joy he brought to so many people, young and old.

Alfie and Elsa

But Max promises to bring another whole new bundle of joy!

Max at 3 months

Tammy, my daughter in law, is fostering him for me until Rob and I get back from France in a couple of weeks.  You can see he’s having a hard time!

Max and Tammy on Saturday morning lie in

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