You remember Max our puppy?  It took nearly 2 years after Alfie my 14 year old Golden Retriever died, for me to think of a new dog, but Max popped into my life unexpectedly after his owner had a severe allergic reaction to him.  Rob’s niece phoned and asked “was interested in taking him? ” It took me about 20 seconds to decide!

Some puppy pics……

I’m not chewing any wires after all….

I have no idea why my mum is shouting at me when I’m just having fun!

Well, he has grown up, and is now a delightfully happy young man full of joie de vivre, and always ready for a game.  His best game is “Seek”.  I take one of his toys, he sits and watches me, and I hide the toy without him knowing where.  Does he love this game!  His tail wags the whole time he is searching, with a big smile on his face. 

I’m still a puppy at heart!  I LOVE my toys..

Max was lonely after we had to put Sugar down.  We were mulling about another dog, when Shadow came our way.   Shadow is a rescue whose Master was unable to look after him anymore.  He was shipped off to a friend’s farm.  Sadly, there he was mistreated by staff, and bullied by their Boerboel who must have stolen Shadow’s food.  When Shadow arrived at Amanzi he “inhaled” food, he was that hungry.  Poor chap was skin and bones.  And now a couple of months later, he is a new dog 🙂

A Happy Shadow!

There were a couple of ugly words and sounds between the boys in the beginning, and my heart sank in the first few days.  So many people say don’t get two male dogs… Well I’m happy to say, these two guys love one another.  They spend endless hours chewing each other, chasing each other, and generally enjoying the others’ company.

And now there are 2 Goldens..

Walkies! yay, our favourite time of the day!  Happy holidays from Max and Shadow!

Wishing you all happy holidays and special moments!

Max and Shadow look forward to welcoming you with wagging tails in 2020!

And so do Pam, Rob, Thabang, Deli and Lena!!  (not tails but smiles!)

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